Cebu Journalism & Journalists (CJJ), founded in 2004, is an annual publication with magazine format. It has both hardcopy and digital editions, with the online edition in two versions: (1) full reproduction of each issue and (2) anthology-style of selected materials for coherence and focus (with addition and update between the regular editions).

It contains articles and features useful to media practitioners, mass-com students, sectors that deal with the press, and media consumers.

It also aims to help, along with the CJJ Gallery in Museo Sugbo and the CJJ Books, a section in the Cebu City Public Library, to collect information and ideas useful to Cebu media, its development and history.

CJJ the publication is a non-profit organized and managed by Pachico A. Seares, Cherry Ann T. Lim and Michelle P. So.

It has worked with Cebu Citizens-Press Council and Cebu Press Freedom Week, Inc. whose purposes are aligned with CJJ’s mission.

The core staff, from SunStar, and contributors, from various media outlets, are volunteers who get a modest stipend for their published materials.


[] Cebu Citizens-Press Council

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2006, CCPC is a non-stock, non-profit organization that helps to protect press freedom, enhance the sense of accountability of journalists, and shape public opinion on media issues.

[] Cebu Press Freedom Week

Begun in 1984, it is an annual weeklong celebration of activities ranging from fellowships to forums on media concerns and the naming of streets after journalists. Not just journalists, but students and members of the public are invited to the activities.