The amendment to the Sotto Law, also known as Press Freedom Law, expanding
the protection to journalists, has finally been approved. The law now covers not just print journalists but  also  practitioners in broadcast, wire service and  electronic media.

President Duterte signed  Republic Act #1145 last Aug. 30 yet but it was released only Tuesday, Sept. 24.  It amends Republic Act #53, the 73-year-old law enacted in 1946.

The Cebu Citizens-Press Council (CCPC), which has helped in the drafting of the House version of the bill  (HB# 694), in an en banc meeting last Sept. 19, thanked Rep. Raul V. del Mar as main sponsor who had diligently filed and re-filed the bill in a number of Congresses before it was approved this year.

“The coverage is as wide as it can be, more than most of media expected,”  said  CCPC executive director Pachico A. Seares.

Under the Sotto Law, as amended, the journalist  “cannot   be compelled to reveal the source of any news item, report or information appearing or being reported or disseminated… which was related in confidence” to the said journalist. Only the court or the House of Representatives or the Senate or any committee of Congress  can compel disclosure if it finds that “such revelation is demanded the security of the State.”