Clod K. Bajenting, Wilfredo A. Veloso, and Cerge M. Remonde

Argao streets named after journalists

Three Cebuanos who left their mark on journalism will be remembered long after their bylines shook up the community they reported for.

The late journalists Cerge M. Remonde, Wilfredo A. Veloso and Clod K. Bajenting will be honored by their hometown Argao with a street each named after them.

Argao, Cebu Mayor Edsel A. Galeos assured approval of the proposal he submitted to the Municipal Council. Bobby Nalzaro, tri-media journalist, and Pachico Seares, executive director of Cebu Citizens-Press Council (CCPC) and board chairman of Cebu Press Freedom Week, made the request.

Before becoming press secretary for then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Cerge M. Remonde was a broadcast commentator, station manager of dyLA and six-time national chairman of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas. He was also a stringer with the Cebu bureau of the Philippine News Agency, reporter of The Freeman, managing editor and columnist of the Visayan Herald, and columnist of Sun.Star Cebu.

Wilfredo A. Veloso wrote acerbic columns flogging perceived scalawags in government that resulted in his receiving death threats.

In close to half a century of journalism marked by clear writing, he also edited The Republic News, served as copy consultant of Sun.Star Cebu, founded the Sportswriters Association of Cebu and co-founded the All-Cebu Sports Awards and Cebu Sports Hall of Fame.

Clod K. Bajenting wrote news stories and columns for 46 years, serving as correspondent of the Manila Chronicle, and reporter of The Republic News and Sun.Star Cebu. In 1983, he headed the first City Hall press club. In his twilight, he hobbled with a cane to interviews, a son or daughter in tow. When a stroke prevented him from typing, he dictated his column to one of his children.

The lights may have gone out for these journalists, but with literal street credit, the memory of how they always came out swinging will live on. Cherry Ann T. Lim

Journalists with streets named after them

  • The Republic News editor and columnist Antonio Abad Tormis (Cebu City, 1966)
  • Novelist and columnist Maria A. Cabigon (Cebu City, 1978)
  • Ang Suga publisher Don Vicente Sotto (Cebu City, 1987, street extension)
  • Newsday-Bag-ong Adlaw publisher-editor Ramon D. Abellanosa (Cebu City, 1991)
  • Columnist and Cenewof co-founder Concepcion G. Briones (Cebu City, 1995)*
  • Morning Times publisher Pedro D. Calomarde (Cebu City, 2001)*
  • Pre-war writer and editor Jose Ma. del Mar (Cebu City, 2004)*
  • Sun.Star sports editor Orlando “Orlacsan” C. Sanchez (Mandaue City, 2007)*
  • The Republic News editor Jose G. Logarta (Talisay City, 2009)*
  • Sun.Star sportswriter Manuel N. Oyson Jr. (Cebu City, 2011)*

*Streets named through the efforts of the Cebu News Workers Foundation Inc. (Cenewof), Cebu Citizens-Press Council and Cebu Press Freedom Week Inc. Text in parentheses refer to the location of the street and the year the street was named.