Pedro D. Calomarde, editor and columnist of the Morning Times, which was published from 1943 to 1986, was one of the early supporters of the fight to preserve the environment, in particular the fight to stop dynamite fishing in Cebu province and the rest of the region.

In more than one issue in his column in the 1960s and ‘70s, he took up the matter of the government’s lack of will to impose sanctions against disastrous fishing, such as the use of explosives and of the bait fishermen call “kuskus,” which is mixed with cyanide to kill the fish. The bait killing the fish is dangerous for humans, too.

“It is very lamentable to state that the government agencies fail both in the sea and on the land. The blast fishers are the kings of the sea.”

He wrote, “Unless the government can take initiative to change the attitude of the people from indifference to purposeful cooperation, the illegal fishing will continue insulting the agencies of the government.”

Calomarde was also said to have numbered his columns, which tackled various issues, until they ran into the thousands. But samples of those have not been found.

(CJJ9 was published in hardcopy in September 2014.)