A series of articles that CJJ hopes will set off a conversation among practitioners and students of journalism as well as media consumers on the crisis that afflicts print media, specifically newspapers, more particularly, community newspapers.

Each article doesn’t try to tell the problem all at once, much less offer sure-fire solutions. Yet it tries to propel efforts of the industry’s leaders, many of whom have been working quietly to cope with changes in technology, which in turn revised habits of media consumers and reshaped the market.

Shifting to purely digital platform may be a “coerced” response that a newspaper outlet may be reluctant to make. Still it is an option, along with meeting the challenge to reinvent, for print to survive and even grow.

Here are the articles:

What happened to the newspaper market and how print may meet the needs of the new audience
| By Mildred V. Galarpe

Survival action: Transform. Innovate.
| By Mildred V. Galarpe

What kind of content will work? A U.P. forum kicks the idea around
| By Jason A. Baguia

Remember the newsboys? They may have been forgotten in the age of digital media
| By Karlon N. Rama

The impact of new media on newspaper circulation in selected countries
| By Tessa Aguilar

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